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Este é um site dedicado à imaginação e à criatividade. O Incrível foi concebido para despertar em cada um de nós o desejo de criar. E a criatividade deve estar em tudo que fazemos.

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View domain system records, including but not limited to the A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records.


DNS A record (Address record) is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record that maps a domain name to an IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) address.


DNS NS record (Name Server record) is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record that specifies which name servers are authoritative for a particular domain.
NS RecordIP


MX record (Mail Exchange record) is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record that specifies the mail server responsible for receiving email messages on behalf of a domain.


DNS TXT record (Text record) is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record that allows you to associate arbitrary text information with a domain name.
  • google-site-verification=EMpzBEaU_BII6shj1cCLJ5_GD-paMCAb5CcTaQf7BYI
  • v=spf1 -all
  • facebook-domain-verification=0xczecrz21nhqk1ff4nwrqx46qlsww


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CoHosted refers to a situation where multiple domain names (websites) are using the same IP address to point to their respective web servers. They could be owned by different individuals or organizations and may serve entirely different purposes.The domains hosted on the same IP address as has,,,,


WHOIS is a query and response protocol used to obtain information about domain names and IP addresses. It is commonly used to retrieve registration details and ownership information for a specific domain name or IP address on the internet. Explore the most important information includes the registration details and administrative contact information of This includes the owner's name, organization, abuse email address, abuse phone number, and the creation and expiration dates.

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What ip addresses is hosted on?

There are 3 IP address hosting,,