CIDR Details

AS15169Google LLC


Hosted IPs65536
IP AddressHosted IPMail Server

IP Address

CIDR is a method for assigning IP addresses and defining IP address ranges more flexibly than the older class-based addressing methods. It allows network administrators to allocate IP addresses in smaller, more efficient blocks, which reduces address wastage. Below is a comprehensive list of all IP addresses within the CIDR block

Hosted IP

Below is a comprehensive list of all IP details for the CIDR block, including the count of domains, nameservers, and mailservers associated with it.

Mail Server

Mail server, also known as a mail exchange server (MX server), is a specific type of server responsible for handling incoming and outgoing email messages in the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. Here are the mail servers hosted on all IP addresses within the CIDR range

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What is the netmask for

The netmask for CIDR is This defines the number of available IP addresses in the CIDR range

What are the network start and end addresses in CIDR

The network start address in CIDR is and the end address is

What is the ASN of

The ASN of is 15169