Top 10 Quora Alternative Websites for 2023

Explore these top Quora alternative sites, offering you a rich and varied platform for knowledge and communication. From Stack Overflow and Reddit to Zhihu and TED, these platforms cover everything from programming to technology to career development.


The digital age has brought about a revolution in the way we access and share information. Quora, a widely known question-and-answer platform, has been a go-to source for knowledge seekers and sharers. However, in a rapidly evolving online landscape, there are several alternative websites that offer unique features and approaches to knowledge sharing. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 Quora alternative websites that cater to different preferences and interests.

Stack Exchange: The Expert Community

Stack Exchange is a network of question-and-answer websites, each catering to a specific niche, from programming to academia. What sets it apart is its emphasis on creating a community of experts, ensuring high-quality answers to complex questions.

Reddit: The Diversity Haven

While Reddit is primarily known for its discussion forums, or "subreddits," it also hosts various Q&A-oriented communities. Users can find niche topics and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals.

Yahoo Answers (Now Discontinued): The Classic

[Yahoo Answers] was a classic platform for seeking answers to all sorts of questions. Although it has been discontinued, its legacy lives on in the hearts of those who relied on it for years.


Zhihu is a well-known knowledge social platform in China. Users can ask questions, answer questions, and follow topics of interest to obtain high-quality content. The Social Q&A adds a social media twist to the Q&A format. Users can ask and answer questions, making it an interactive way to connect with friends and followers. A Comprehensive Approach offers a comprehensive knowledge base by aggregating information from various sources. Users can find answers to a wide range of questions, making it a one-stop destination for quick information.

Brainly: Learning Together

Brainly takes a unique approach by focusing on educational topics. Geared towards students, the platform encourages collaborative learning by allowing users to ask and answer academic questions.

TED: Education in a Different Format

TED goes beyond traditional Q&A platforms, offering video-based lessons and talks. Users can engage with educational content and dive deeper into various subjects.

Super User: Tech-Centric Knowledge

Super User, a branch of the Stack Exchange network, is dedicated to technology-related queries. It's a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts seeking solutions to intricate technical issues.

AskUbuntu: Ubuntu and Linux Queries

Specifically tailored for Ubuntu and Linux users, AskUbuntu provides a platform to seek assistance, share knowledge, and troubleshoot issues related to these operating systems.

In conclusion, while Quora remains a prominent platform for knowledge sharing, there are numerous alternatives that cater to specific needs and preferences. From expert-driven communities to social Q&A platforms, each alternative offers a unique approach to accessing and sharing information. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these platforms provide users with diverse options to satiate their curiosity and expand their understanding of the world.

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