2023 Top 10 Most Popular Websites in Trukey

Sahibinden.com is the most visited websites in Turkey.Continue reading to learn more about the top ten websites on the Turkish internet.

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For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most visited websites in Turkey this year. Here are the top 10 most popular websites in Turkey, based on the number of visitors each day. Turkey has various great websites; in fact, these websites receive the most visitors and are the most popular in the country.

These are the websites with the largest daily traffic in Turkey today, encompassing topics such as e-commerce, entertainment, news, services, and social networking.

List of Top 10 Most Puopular Websites in Turkey


alt sahibinden.com-screenshot

Distinctive Platform for Buying and Selling

Target Audience: Individuals looking to buy or sell various products and services.

Functionality: Sahibinden.com is a prominent online marketplace in Turkey that facilitates the buying and selling of a wide array of products and services. It serves as a versatile platform where individuals can list items they want to sell, from electronics and vehicles to real estate and job postings. Buyers, on the other hand, can browse through a plethora of options and connect with sellers directly. The platform's user-friendly interface and search functionality make it convenient to find exactly what you're looking for. Its focus on local interactions enhances trust and often leads to smoother transactions.


alt trendyol.com-screenshot

Trendy Fashion and Lifestyle Destination

Target Audience: Fashion-forward individuals seeking the latest trends and a wide range of lifestyle products.

Functionality: Sahibinden.com is a premier online shopping platform that caters to those who want to stay ahead in the fashion game and explore diverse lifestyle products. From clothing and accessories to beauty products and home decor, Trendyol offers a comprehensive selection. The platform not only hosts well-known international brands but also promotes local designers and brands, fostering a sense of community and supporting the Turkish fashion industry. With its user-friendly app and website, Trendyol provides a seamless shopping experience, making it a go-to destination for the fashion-conscious.


alt google.com.tr-screenshot

Versatile Search Engine and Beyond

Target Audience: Anyone seeking efficient and accurate online search capabilities.

Functionality: Google.com.tr, the Turkish version of the world's most widely used search engine, is designed to provide users with swift and relevant search results. Beyond being a search engine, Google offers various services like Gmail for email, Google Maps for navigation, Google Drive for cloud storage, and more. Its user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms ensure that users find the information they need quickly. Google.com.tr also plays a crucial role in digital marketing, as businesses aim to optimize their online presence and reach their target audiences effectively.


alt turkiye.gov.tr-screenshot

Official Gateway to Turkish Government Services

Target Audience: Turkish citizens, residents, and businesses seeking government services and information.

Functionality: turkiye.gov.tr is the official website that serves as a portal to a wide range of government services and information. It's a one-stop platform for citizens to access services like passport applications, tax information, healthcare services, and more. Businesses can also find resources related to regulations, permits, and licenses. The website aims to streamline interactions between the government and its constituents, reducing bureaucracy and enhancing transparency. With its comprehensive offerings, the platform plays a pivotal role in facilitating citizen engagement with the government.


alt hurriyet.com.tr-screenshot

Diverse News and Media Source

Target Audience: Individuals interested in staying updated with diverse news and media content.

Functionality: hurriyet.com.tr is a prominent news platform delivering a wide range of news articles, opinion pieces, and multimedia content to its audience. Catering to various interests, it covers topics such as politics, economics, culture, and entertainment. With its extensive coverage and digital presence, Hurriyet plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion and providing credible information. It serves as a platform for healthy discussions and debates on important societal issues, making it an essential source of information for many in Turkey.


alt yandex.com.tr-screenshot

Comprehensive Search and Services

Target Audience: Individuals seeking an alternative search engine and various online services.

Functionality: yandex.com.tr is the Turkish version of the Yandex search engine, originating from Russia. While its core function is search, Yandex also offers a range of services including Yandex Mail, Yandex Maps, and Yandex Disk (cloud storage). The platform provides users with accurate search results and relevant local information. Yandex's focus on privacy and data security makes it appealing to those who prioritize these aspects in their online interactions. It serves as a valuable alternative to other search engines in the Turkish digital landscape.


alt sabah.com.tr-screenshot

Informative News and Media Outlet

Target Audience: Individuals looking for a reliable source of daily news and information.

Functionality: sabah.com.tr is a reputable Turkish news website that delivers comprehensive coverage of national and international news. With a focus on timely reporting and insightful analysis, it caters to a wide audience interested in staying informed about current events, politics, sports, and more. The platform's digital format allows for instant updates and multimedia content, contributing to its role as a go-to source for breaking news and in-depth features.


alt haberturk.com-screenshot

News and Beyond with a Multimedia Approach

Target Audience: People who prefer a multimedia-oriented news source.

Functionality: haberturk.com offers a multimedia-rich news experience, combining text, images, videos, and interactive elements to deliver engaging content. It covers a wide range of news topics including politics, business, lifestyle, and technology. Beyond news, the platform provides video interviews, documentaries, and special reports, catering to an audience that values visual and immersive storytelling. Haberturk's multimedia approach enhances its impact and helps it resonate with a diverse range of individuals.


alt milliyet.com.tr-screenshot

Balanced News Reporting and Beyond

Target Audience: Individuals seeking balanced and impartial news coverage.

Functionality: milliyet.com.tr is a widely recognized Turkish news platform that prides itself on balanced and objective reporting. It covers national and international news, as well as a variety of topics such as culture, arts, and lifestyle. Milliyet aims to provide readers with a comprehensive view of current events, fostering informed opinions and discussions. Its reputation for unbiased reporting positions it as a reliable source of news for individuals who value accuracy and objectivity.


alt sozcu.com.tr-screenshot

Alternative Voice and Investigative Journalism

Target Audience: Individuals interested in alternative viewpoints and in-depth investigative reporting.

Functionality: sozcu.com.tr is known for its alternative approach to news reporting, often offering perspectives that differ from mainstream media. The platform focuses on investigative journalism, diving deep into various issues to uncover hidden truths and challenge conventional narratives. With its bold and thought-provoking articles, Sozcu appeals to readers who seek critical analysis and a fresh take on current affairs. It contributes to a diverse media landscape by offering a platform for dissenting voices and promoting open discourse.


This is the exact content of Turkey's top ten most popular websites. If you are looking for more Turkish websites, please see our Turkish website rating list.

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