Top 10 Conservative Websites in 2023

Investigate the qualities, benefits, and drawbacks of the top ten conservative websites in 2023. This will assist you in locating the top conservative websites.

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Right-wing political thinkers have never had so many alternatives for selecting the greatest conservative news website thanks to the internet's independence.

We've produced a rated list of the top 10 conservative websites available online to make things easier for you. These websites have been arranged in order of popularity. With so many conservative websites to select from, it can be tough to discern which are worth your time to explore and which are not.

The quantity of visitors to these websites determines their ranking. Continue reading to learn more about these websites.

List of Top 10 Conservative Websites

National Review


Characteristics: National Review is a conservative online publication that provides in-depth analysis, commentary, and news coverage from a right-leaning perspective. The website is known for its commitment to conservative principles and its critical examination of current events and policy issues.

Target Users: National Review primarily caters to politically conservative individuals, policymakers, intellectuals, and engaged citizens who seek in-depth analysis and commentary from a conservative viewpoint. It aims to provide a platform for thoughtful discussions among conservatives.

Role: The website serves as a hub for conservative thought and analysis. It offers well-researched articles, opinion pieces, and editorials on a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, culture, and foreign policy. National Review plays a crucial role in shaping conservative discourse, offering alternative perspectives to mainstream media narratives.

Pros: National Review excels in providing thought-provoking content for its target audience. Its well-researched articles and commentaries contribute to informed conservative discussions. The website's commitment to conservative principles gives it a unique and dedicated readership.

Cons: One potential drawback is that the site's strong ideological stance may limit its appeal to individuals outside the conservative spectrum. Some critics argue that it occasionally leans into partisan viewpoints, which could hinder its credibility among those seeking more balanced perspectives.

The Daily Caller


Characteristics: The Daily Caller is a conservative news and opinion website known for its engaging and sometimes provocative content. It covers a wide range of topics, from politics and culture to entertainment and lifestyle, often presenting news with a conservative slant.

Target Users: The Daily Caller's target audience includes conservative readers seeking news and opinions that align with their political beliefs. It also attracts individuals who appreciate a more casual and sometimes irreverent take on current events.

Role: The website provides a mix of news articles, op-eds, and videos that cater to its audience's preferences. It aims to present news stories from a conservative perspective while also incorporating engaging elements that keep readers coming back for more.

Pros: The Daily Caller's informal and often entertaining style sets it apart from more traditional news sources. It resonates with a younger conservative demographic and those who enjoy a less formal approach to news delivery.

Cons: Critics argue that the website's informal tone and occasional sensationalism can detract from its credibility as a news source. Its strong conservative bias might limit its appeal to a broader audience seeking objective reporting.

The Federalist


Characteristics: The Federalist is a conservative online magazine that features commentary, analysis, and essays on politics, culture, and current events. It focuses on presenting conservative viewpoints and fostering discussions on issues of importance to its readership.

Target Users: The Federalist is aimed at intellectually curious conservatives who appreciate well-reasoned arguments and deep dives into policy matters. It caters to readers who want to engage with thoughtful conservative perspectives on a range of topics.

Role: The website serves as a platform for conservative intellectuals and writers to share their analyses and insights. It aims to provide a space where conservative ideas can be explored in depth and discussed among a like-minded audience.

Pros: The Federalist's emphasis on intellectual discourse and thoughtful analysis appeals to readers seeking in-depth conservative commentary. Its well-written articles contribute to a higher level of conversation within conservative circles.

Cons: Some critics point out that the website's strong ideological focus can sometimes lead to an echo chamber effect, limiting exposure to diverse viewpoints. Additionally, its deep conservatism might make it less accessible to more moderate readers.

Please note that these descriptions are based on information available up to September 2021, and there might have been changes or developments since that time.



Characteristics: Breitbart is a conservative news and opinion website that emphasizes populist and nationalist viewpoints. It's known for its provocative headlines, strong editorial tone, and its willingness to challenge mainstream media narratives.

Target Users: Breitbart's target audience consists of individuals who are drawn to its unapologetically conservative and often confrontational approach to news reporting. It appeals to those who seek alternative viewpoints and believe in its brand of conservative activism.

Role: The website plays a role in shaking up the media landscape by providing an outlet for stories and perspectives that might not get extensive coverage in mainstream sources. It often focuses on issues that resonate with its populist and nationalist audience.

Pros: Breitbart's willingness to cover stories that might be overlooked by larger media outlets can bring attention to underreported issues. Its bold approach to storytelling can resonate with readers seeking a more assertive conservative voice.

Cons: The website's aggressive tone and approach to news can sometimes lead to controversies and allegations of bias. Its strong ideological stance might limit its appeal to those looking for a more balanced and nuanced perspective.

The American Conservative


Characteristics: The American Conservative is a publication that offers a unique blend of conservative thought, traditional values, and skepticism towards interventionist foreign policy. It focuses on fostering a deeper understanding of conservatism and challenging conventional thinking.

Target Users: The American Conservative caters to intellectually-minded conservatives who appreciate introspective and nuanced discussions about politics, culture, and society. It attracts readers who are interested in exploring alternative conservative perspectives.

Role: The website serves as a platform for thoughtful conservatism, emphasizing a reexamination of policies and ideas. It encourages conversations about limited government, cultural preservation, and a more restrained approach to foreign affairs.

Pros: The American Conservative's commitment to intellectual rigor and its willingness to critique mainstream conservative viewpoints make it a vital source for those seeking a deeper understanding of conservative principles.

Cons: Its relatively niche focus might limit its readership compared to more mainstream conservative outlets. Some individuals might find its content too introspective or academic for their tastes.

Washington Times


Characteristics: The Washington Times is a conservative newspaper with a strong focus on politics, policy, and national security. It offers a mix of news reporting, opinion pieces, and analysis from a conservative perspective.

Target Users: The Washington Times primarily targets conservative readers who are interested in comprehensive coverage of political and policy matters. It appeals to individuals who seek a more traditional news format and a conservative viewpoint.

Role: The newspaper plays a role in providing in-depth coverage of political events, policy debates, and national security issues from a conservative lens. It aims to contribute to the conservative discourse by offering reporting and commentary that align with its readers' beliefs.

Pros: The Washington Times' thorough coverage of political events and policy matters provides its readers with a comprehensive understanding of conservative viewpoints on current affairs. Its long-standing presence in the media landscape adds to its credibility.

Cons: Critics argue that the newspaper's strong conservative bias might lead to a lack of objectivity in its reporting and analysis. Its ideological stance might limit its appeal to readers seeking a more balanced or diverse range of perspectives.

The Heritage Foundation


Characteristics: The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank with a strong online presence. Its website serves as a repository of research, policy analyses, and articles focusing on conservative principles, limited government, and free-market economics.

Target Users: The Heritage Foundation's website is aimed at policymakers, academics, students, and individuals interested in in-depth conservative policy discussions. It caters to those seeking well-researched content on various policy issues.

Role: The website serves as an educational and informational resource, offering research-based content that supports conservative ideas and policy proposals. It plays a role in shaping policy debates and offering conservative solutions to societal challenges.

Pros: The Heritage Foundation's rigorous research and focus on policy solutions contribute to informed policy discussions. Its content is often used by policymakers and academics to understand and engage with conservative policy perspectives.

Cons: Some critics argue that the think tank's strong ideological stance might lead to a lack of nuance in its policy recommendations. Its focus on conservative solutions might limit its appeal to those seeking a broader range of policy options.



Characteristics: Townhall is a conservative online media outlet that offers a mix of news, commentary, and analysis from a right-leaning perspective. It features contributions from a diverse range of conservative writers and commentators.

Target Users: Townhall appeals to a wide conservative audience, including politically engaged individuals, grassroots activists, and readers looking for a variety of conservative opinions. It caters to those who appreciate a platform where conservative voices can be heard.

Role: The website plays a role in providing a space for conservative writers, pundits, and thinkers to share their perspectives on political and cultural issues. It offers a mix of news articles, opinion pieces, and multimedia content.

Pros: Townhall's diverse range of contributors allows it to showcase a variety of conservative viewpoints. Its community-oriented approach encourages readers to engage in discussions and debates on the issues that matter to them.

Cons: Critics argue that the website's diversity in opinions might lead to less cohesive messaging and occasional infighting among conservatives. The broad range of contributors could also result in varying levels of quality and rigor in content.

The Washington Examiner


Characteristics: The Washington Examiner is a conservative news and commentary publication that covers politics, policy, and cultural topics. It aims to provide a mix of news reporting, analysis, and thought-provoking opinion pieces.

Target Users: The Washington Examiner's target audience includes politically informed readers who are interested in comprehensive coverage of politics, policy debates, and cultural trends from a conservative perspective.

Role: The publication serves as a source of news and analysis for conservatives who want to stay informed about current events. It also offers a platform for conservative commentators to share their insights and analyses.

Pros: The Washington Examiner's commitment to in-depth coverage of political and policy issues contributes to a well-rounded understanding of conservative viewpoints. Its opinion section allows for a range of voices to be heard.

Cons: Some critics point out that the publication's strong ideological stance might affect the objectivity of its reporting and analysis. As with many conservative outlets, there could be a perception of bias in its coverage.

The Western Journal


Characteristics: The Western Journal is a conservative online publication that focuses on news, analysis, and opinion pieces from a right-leaning perspective. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, and current events.

Target Users: The Western Journal's target audience consists of conservative readers who appreciate a straightforward and accessible approach to news delivery. It caters to individuals who are looking for news coverage that aligns with their political beliefs.

Role: The website serves as a source of conservative news and commentary, presenting stories and viewpoints that might not receive extensive coverage in mainstream media. It aims to engage and inform its readership on a variety of issues.

Pros: The Western Journal's user-friendly format and concise articles make it accessible to a wide audience. Its focus on stories that resonate with conservative readers contributes to its appeal.

Cons: Critics argue that the website's approach might sacrifice nuance in favor of brevity. Its strong ideological orientation might limit its ability to attract a diverse readership seeking more balanced perspectives.

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