How To Hide My IP Address When Sending An Email ?

Learn some simple ways to help you hide your IP address and send anonymous emails.


When an email is sent, your IP address is attached to it, allowing someone with the necessary expertise to track your ip location. It is uncertain what could occur if someone from a distant location discovers your whereabouts. There are methods you can try to hide your IP address and send anonymous emails.

Email and public IP address

No matter what activities you engage in on the internet, it is impossible to h ide your public IP address. The public IP address you have is owned by your internet service provider (ISP) and is typically leased to you for a specific duration. It is essential for every data packet sent to and received from the Internet.

Nowadays, most email interactions are done through websites rather than directly through mail servers, so the whole HTTPS operation happens while the email bit hides behind the scenes. So many of them will record the current IP address.

4 Ways to Hide Your IP Address When Sending Emails

Use an anonymous email service

Using an anonymized email service is the easiest way to hide your IP address.

Anonymous email services specially designed to help you hide your IP address and other personal information. Not even your service provider has access to this private data.

Some commonly used anonymous email services include ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Guerrilla Mail.

Use a VPN service


One of the best ways to hide your IP address and stay anonymous when sending emails is to use a VPN service. There are many VPNs on the Internet for us to choose from.

A VPN encrypts traffic and hides your real IP address, ensuring your data remains private at all times.

Choose a trusted VPN service provider and make sure you are always connected to the VPN when sending emails.

Utilize a proxy server


Connect to a proxy server for mail transmission. The proxy server hides your actual IP address, and others see the IP address of the proxy server instead.

But you need to make sure you choose a safe and trustworthy proxy server. At the same time, the connection speed of the proxy server is not ideal enough.

Using the Tor network


The Tor network is an anonymous communication network that enables users to hide their IP addresses.

You can use the Tor Browser or configure your email client to send email over the Tor network.

However, you need to download the Tor browser to use this feature.

Will using Gmail to send emails hide my IP address?


When sending email via Gmail, your IP is automatically hidden. When using sites like Gmail, you're protected by virtually end-to-end encryption.

Under normal circumstances, Gmail does not share any identifiable information about the sender (other than email address) with email recipients. If you use a proxy or VPN, neither Gmail nor hackers can know what your original IP address is.


When sending emails, it is recommended to use a VPN or TOR service to hide your IP address. This ensures that others can only access the address of the proxy server. This way your public IP address won't be leaked.

If you want to know how to track and obtain the IP address of the sender of the emails you receive, you can read our article to help you quickly locate the sender's IP address.

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