AS number details


Sitelbra Ltda

AS266189 – Sitelbra Ltda

Number of IPs1,024
Number of CIDRs1


An ASN can be associated with one or more CIDR prefixes. This means that an ASN may control one or more CIDR prefixes that will be used to define the IP address space for that autonomous system. Here is the CIDR list for ASN 266189.


Hosted IP

IP addresses identify individual devices on the internet, while ASNs identify collections of IP networks under the control of a single administrative entity. Below is a comprehensive list of all IP details for the CIDR block within ASN 266189, including the count of domains, nameservers, and mailservers associated with it.


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What is the network coverage of AS266189?

The network coverage of AS266189 is worldwide. It covers multiple regions and countries

What is the AS Name of AS266189?

The AS Name of AS266189 is Sitelbra Ltda